MR-1 using Rapid Changer ATC

I personally took the expensive but much higher quality approach of changing spindles to something with a pneumatic drawbar. This had many advantages for me, ATC is just one of them.

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Have you looked at this?

No, because I knew I wasn’t going to keep the limiting Cut Control board.

The first trick to do anything custom with that will be to get Langmuir to post the latest code. They are in violation of GPL by not sharing it.

This is very exciting information! It looks like we could be on to something. Even if we had to replace a board and some software change to get the functionality at least it is a step one could take when they were ready to do so. It would be super cool to open source all of it so people could print their own enclosures and custom stuff like that. Bi have never cnc’d gears before but I know it can be done, obviously. With a lollipop cutter you could create worm geared sockets. I would assume McMaster Carr or like would have the worm drive shaft. Some bearings and springs and it just might come together. Very cool! Thanks everyone.