MR-1 Touchscreen pc

I noticed that the MR-1 touchscreen pc is loaded with Win10. I am wondering if the specs of the touchscreen support Win11.

You are correct- the included PC is WIndows 10 but the touchscreen will support Windows 11.

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Will the Mac version of the software support the new Apple M1 chips, or is it Intel only?

Most likely Intel only. Been waiting over a year for Firecontrol for Apple M1 but no schedule release any time soon

Just out of curiosity, I have a new XR on the way and wonder if I can incorporate the touch screen from it to this as well as long as they are not running at the same time?

Yes you can, it’s the exact same setup. You would of course just need to download CutControl.

@langmuir-daniel So, just to make sure I have CrossFire Pro on the way also, I could just use the control PC and Touchscreen from MR1 provided I downloaded the FireControl?