MR-1 SN: 70 // Order x61/x456

I didn’t want to short anything out, electricity isn’t my forte.

But I wired 1 as positive and it works thus far through cut control

Its just a simple switch relay

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Can’t recall how I wired mine, but a quick check with the multimeter will tell you. Manually enable the coolant toggle in CutControl.


I also noticed this on the instructions. Red to #1

Just email Langmuir and get the answer. I used their supplied harness. Not worth finding out you burned up a control board. Just my two cents.

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As long as its a standard relay it wont care, coils can be energized in either direction. If you don’t have a multimeter you can just open the enclosure box up and trace to ground.

First part. Finally.

.188” 52100 steel