MR-1 size discrepancy

@langmuirsystems What is the actual amount of space one has to clear up in his garage? You list multiple width and depth sizes in different places.

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Looks like one is measurements with the enclosure and one without. I’m figuring a 6’ square just to be on the safe side.

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Look closely Bill, the one without the enclosure is wider (48") than the one with (45").

Probably a typo. I would guess it’s supposed to be 55x55 since the one without the enclosure is 48x48. Either that or they didn’t include the control box sticking out on the one with the enclosure.

Just figure 7’ X 7’ and you will be good.

Well… if I had 7x7 or 6x6 available I wouldn’t be asking the question. The point is, there might be more people working with very limited space, and the numbers don’t add up. I’m sure someone from Langmuir will clarify this minor discrepancy just as soon as “someone” brings it up to their attention.

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I fall into that category of very limited space. I have an email exchange with Langmuir support about this already - I’ll post what I find out.

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Any luck getting dimensions from Langmuir?

You could bring it to their attention by tagging them @langmuirsystems or @langmuir-daniel

Done! (I think)

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They told me that I can use the 48" dimension when planning my space. The 55" includes the stickout out the electronics box and cable clearance at the back.

I’m hoping that I can move my electronics box a bit so I don’t need that clearance, as 48" fits well in my space but 55" doesn’t.


Thank you.

A nice fusion model would solve all of this


Exactly :+1:t2::+1:t2:

I’m looking forward to getting my MR1 but I really wish there was more fusion support. I can get a step file of an entire Haas machine but Langmuir won’t even give a basic model.

Post processor should be be out this week. Just use 3 axis generic machine with fixed table for testing designs for now.

It looks like the control box was moved under the machine, thus saving space.

Somebody, please post the actual dimensions so we can all plan floor space accordingly.
Thank you!

45 " wide. The control box sticks out an additional 3" on left side. Making it 48" total wide.
47 " deep
72" tall
You will need 53" from back wall to front of the machine. This is to accommodate the cables coming out of the control box.
These measurements do not account for the computer stand. I don’t use one so, I can’t give an intelligent answer on it.

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This is measured off my machine.
Untitled.pdf (101.5 KB)