Mr-1 problems spindle problems?

Well this is the first time I have used any forum I need help. I’m beginning to think I have wasted my money buying an mr-1. Off the get go my computer would not hook to the internet and the small keyboard wouldn’t work I had to buy a keyboard and mouse. Also the pump didn’t work and had to buy a new one of those while I waited for a new one. Then I set up the touch probe and the power suply crapped out I also ordered a new one while waiting for a replacement from Langmuir. The machine ran fine for a while then started having problems with the spindle not maintaining rpm or completely dying during any jog motion until I reset the 220 and 120 power supplies. I have reached out to tech suport and they told me that they would get me up and going. That was over 2 weeks ago. Can someone please help me figure out how to fix this thing every day it is not running is costing me money.

Welcome to the forum. I will move your topic to the MR-1 category. It might get more attention.

Did you see this announcement? I don’t know if it has any “bearings” with regard to your situation.


There is a post on resoldering the mini key board battery contacts/, there is also a post on a better quality one. Your coolant pump didnt work? That would be odd. Double check your power in and ground. But sounds like there’s some issues in the controls.

Did you mount the control box to your machine using the included rubber standoffs? There is a design of the Langmuir probes that requires electrical isolation of the control cabinet and the metal parts of the machine.