MR-1 Pan distance from wall

Getting ready to pour concrete and after looking at a few pictures from the ongoing builds I have yet to really know how much distance I need to pull the base off the wall for cords. I figure the back wall will go straight up from the pan but can also see some extra supports on a few pictures that may protrude further. Can anyone tell me a safe distance to come off the wall to allow all those cords to run down the back? I tried looking closer at all the pictures but just couldn’t tell. Thank you.

Mine is an 1½" off the wall from the edge of the pan. If I did it again I’d move it at least 2½".

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That looks like you might be having fun to put the surround on

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I epoxied the nuts on the underside before I started. So I can do everything from the top. I was going to weld them on but didn’t want to repaint or warp the surface.

Great, thank you for the info. I will plan for 2.5 inches to be safe. Cant wait to get it going.

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So thread inserts would be a good idea for people wanting to put it close to walls.

I am also planning to be tight to the wall … after reading all these threads I need to compose a list of stuff to remember and watch out for!

Are you thinking like rivnuts? If so you’ll create a gap so you’d need to gasket the enclosure on the base flange or use extra silicone.