MR-1 NEMA 10-30 spindle plug convert to NEMA 14-30 outlet

I’m very new to electrical systems. I already have a 240 VAC 14-30 outlet that is already installed my shop. Is there a way to buy an adapter to convert the 10-30 plug to 14-30 outlet?

I know that the 10-30 plug is 2 hot and 1 neutral and the 14-30 outlet is 2 hot, 1 neutral, and 1 ground. Since the MR-1 doesn’t require a ground (10-30 plug) I think it would be fine to use an adapter. However, I cannot find any adapters from known brands. Any suggestions, or any way to convert it to the 14-30 outlet.

Thank you in advance.

I’m sure some electrician would like to smack me for saying this, but I replaced the spindle power plug with a nema 6-50 plug, to use the same receptacle as my welder. My 6-50 receptacle is wired with two hot and a neutral. The neutral terminates at the same bar as ground in the panel, and is shielded.

You can get replacement plugs for extension cord ends at Homeless Despot. I’m sure they make one for 14-30. They have hard rubber enclosure and screw terminals for the wire ends.

Just make sure you are careful, connections are tight, and seal everything up.

Edit:here’s one from the zon

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Isn’t this what you need?

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All my equipment is on a 10-50 outlet, i just cut the bent blade (neutral) and flattened it.

Get yourself a 14-30 plug end, a 10-30 socket and a short piece of cable and make your own adapter. Although for $35 the adapter AlexW posted would be cheaper by quite a lot.

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