MR 1 Fully assembled

When you order a MR1 fully assembled, Does it come with a lifting bracket or some way to move it safely.
Tormach has a lifting bracket system, Just wondering if the MR 1 will have it or if not is it something in the works.

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There will be brackets that attach to the legs that A) are used to secure to the pallet and B) have fork pockets for lifting with a forklift. There wont exist any provisions for lifting with an overhead hoist.

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That’s great, I was also wondering this.

Will a forklift be required? Or will a pallet jack also work?

A forklift will be required to lift the machine up of the pallet (this is the official company statement, do I think that someone could get the machine off the pallet by other means? yes).

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Ok thanks. And yes, I’m sure there are other creative ways to move it :slightly_smiling_face: