MR-1 Drain Modification CPVC

Was able to use CPVC for an easy install and utilizing existing tray holes. 2- 45 deg fittings, 15 1/2" 1/2" pipe and a street 90 through tray and a reg 90 glued to back side. Put a clamp on this connection to make it tight through tray but plan a little silicone for added insurance.
Used 13/16 step drill for corner drain tray…little deburring and it’s a tight fit for the CPVC fitting. Comes in at small angle but can be sanded smooth with bottom of drain tray. Multiple times volume of stock setup.

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This will drastically improve the drain situation. Just stinks it cant be done after pouring. So long as I blow out my un-modified drains after every job, mine work ok. Would love maintenance free though

Great job on those drain upgrades.

I have to say if I were you I would give up on the four pipe drain system it is horrible . I thought about scraping it when I put it in , hind sight is always 20/20 . It is a mess under the unit with four hoses . When your enclosure is on you can’t reach the two in the back . I am cutting my concrete now to install one large drain in the front . The four corner drains are a bad design .


I tend to agree with this but others like AE95 have done the two long rectangular drains near the rails. Did you consider that one before going with the single drain? Are you going to slope your concrete to encourage flow to the front?

I plan to run hard line under pan to above catch basin. Don’t like flex tubing/ hoses for any drains. Primary filter will be at entrance to the basin instead of “cleaning out” the corner drains or any tubing. 1/2" drains should be able to stay clean but an air line should easily blow them clean. Thinking of adding a 1 1/2" pipe in the front that can be opened up if need be. The hard lines I added to the CrossFire Pro moves drainage with no problems and there is tons of debris going down them.

My unit is already up and running , I believe any bigger drain would be better then the corner drains like I say with the enclosure makes it difficult to reach the rear drains . So one big drain in the front with a couple of screens strategically placed will be easy to access . If I was doing it from the start I would have installed a pvc shower drain from Lowe’s . My entire pan at this point fills up with a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch of coolant when running . So I think any drain that’s open and accessible is better . I do not see any need to slope concrete but if I was doing it from scratch a slight slope in that area can’t hurt . I blow these out continuously with air and my wash down hose when running what a mess .


Plan to add the larger pvc line up front and center just in case I need it. Will have to figure out how to make a screen to fit it but should be able with a CNC Mill…lol.

Preparing to pour concrete and noticed the corner drains are not at perfect level and height. Made some corner blocks to help locate them at proper level and level. Once concrete encompasses the drain lines hoping it will maintain position. When I clamp drains I noticed the drain lines move as well so once concreted thinking it will keep all in place from clamped position. Hopefully!

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I don’t believe that they will clog.