MR-1 Cleaning and chip removal

Hey guys, @langmuirsystems

Has anyone thought about chip management/ cleaning? I was thinking of modifying a squeegee on a stick to reach in the back of the cabinet to scrape chips forward and out into a bin and around the Y axis rails. I have seen the machine in person and figured it would be hard to reach the rear of the cabinet without arm extensions or the sides off. Another thought was somehow washing down the system with the optional coolant pump and a sprayer. Are there drawbacks to doing this like electronics getting wet or could this work?

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Hey there- good questions.

Our approach to cleaning depends on what we are trying to do. If we’re just trying to get 90% of the chips out we leave the side windows on and use a shop vac accessing through the front doors. You can’t get all the chips doing this, but can get most which is usually good enough.

For a deep clean we’ll remove the side windows. Note that doing this is a tooless job and very easy/convenient.

We also have a hose tee’d into the feed line off the coolant pump and will use it to wash down the inside on occasion. All the electronics inside the enclosure are washdown rated so no issues doing so.


I personally would not wash down the inside of the machine unless you really have a very dirty area ,or excessive chips to clean.

We used to do this at my old job on a Mitsui Seiki vert machining center, the only reason we did this task is because we sometimes did not have the time to actually clean the excess chips during our production runs.

The better way is to just use a modified squigi to clean the work area. It’s faster, less water splatter and will keep you moving about you tasks.

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