MR-1 Build Four

Mine showed up today! It safely traveled all the way to SE Michigan.

I won’t be as fast as some of the others but I hope to get started on it soon. I have a few modifications in mind that I would like to share as I go.

Side note has anybody spotted a serial number yet?


I think the serial number is on the decal that goes on the machine. But didn’t get a number from anyone that already picked it up in Texas.

It’s on a decal that goes on the front of the machine. It’s inside the “Welcome To MR-1” pouch. Mine is 0002.

I found it! 0083. I guess they’ve shipped quite a few out :exploding_head:

I rummaged through the box a bit and everything is packaged really nicely. One thing I wanted to do is make blockoff plates for the corner drains. I measured this out and the sketch of the opening is in the image below. The DXF is undersized .020 per side if anybody wanted to plasma them out.

I am going to print a set with a finger grip. It should print upside down with no support. I would include the STL file but it’s not an allowed filetype.


My serial number is 27

I thought about doing something similar, but honestly just taping them off worked fine.

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I envy you guys! :scream:

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I think you can change the file ext and upload that way

When I read some of the posts I feel like there is going to be a cnc mill show and you are all going to be judged on fit, finish and over all detail. :grin:


Good call on the filetype. 3d print file attached.

drain fitting temp cover change to stl.dxf (262.2 KB)

Somewhere out there is a shop teacher ready to critique everyone’s work haha


Any chance i can talk you out of the height from the drain top edge to the mounting tabs. So basically how far below the top ofthe machine tray the drain sits. Im going to build my own coolant system higher preasure and in tern more volume to evacuate chips in pockets. So want to build higher volume drain.

@Lenness I measured it at 0.410"

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Thanks alot cant wait to get mine

You read my mind lol.I literally thought about this last night.

Change file extension to dxf and then we can change back after downloading.

I’m slacking behind all the other builds. I got the whole mess unloaded and the drain covers printed. Woot


Nice job.That will ensure you don’t get any epoxy in the drains. Geat idea.

Ill be printing these soon.

Did the 3d printed covers need supports? I will be printing them soon. Thank you.

No supports required. They are drafted and there is a little bridging that occurs at the bottom of the finger holes but mine came out good enough for what they are.

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