MR-1 Build Fifty-Seven

Picked up my MR-1 yesterday. Assembled the base last night and poured concrete today. This is build Fifty-Seven because it seems like Heinz Ketchup, with the waiting and anticipation. Waiting on the concrete to dry out for 5 days now and then another 2 days for the epoxy. My MR-1 Serial# is 0009. Not sure how the units were packed and staged, but there were over a hundred other orders in before mine. It’s all good!


Great job on the our it looks like a sidewalk :joy:


Thanks. All the videos you guys are putting out are awesome and make getting good results on our end very easy. Got the high-power Z-axis driver upgrade done last night. Hardest part was removing and then putting back the 17, yes 17 sheetmetal screws in the case. Actually, not hard, just a lot of them. :laughing:

Rubber hitting the road today:

Glad to make it to this point. Will be moving the spindle to the upper position and then checking Z-alignment to see if any further shimming might be needed, then on to the toolsetter and probe. Getting real close to having the machine ready for whatever I throw at it.


First chips! Nice work thanks for the update.