Moving forward and backward in Y is not smooth

Can someone tell me why this happens. I can move it forward and backward but it speeds up and slows down as it’s traveling from one end to the other. When it slows down it’s struggles to move. It also really struggles to move backward until it gets to the middle.

@langmuir-daniel, @langmuir-mike
It appears to be a warped lead screw. I removed the lead screw on Y1 and rolled it on a flat surface and it’s warped. I can move in the Y axis forward and backward with no issues with Y1 lead screw removed. It moves very smoothly with no slowing down or struggling.

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@langmuir-daniel, @langmuir-mike
When I roll the lead screw on a flat surface the wobbles. Could you send me a new lead screw? Unless you think the problem is something else.

How does the y axix move without the lead screw connected? The lead screw is a little flexible hanging out unsupported at the extreme ends of travel so I think it can tolerate a little wobble.

It moves fine without the lead screws connected. Also, with the Y1 lead screw removed and just the Y2 lead screw connected I can jog Y forward and backward at any IPM with no issues. It moves perfectly smooth and does not slow down and start struggling as it moves along the full distance in each way.

Did you tighten up the backlash nut bolts with the gantry at the extreme end? It they got tightened up at the center of travel the lead screw could have been sagging and now it will bind at the extreme end.

Yes, I did. Followed exactly how the instructions said to do it.

My left side Y lead screw is not straight either, when jogging at 300ipm it makes my laptop shake pretty good but I have none of the effects you describe. I’d be inclined to think your Y gantry bearings are too tight. When you adjust those bearing block set screws, they tighten up further when you tighten the nuts themselves so I ended up backing the set screw about 1/16" from where it was perfect to compensate for this.

My table is cutting better than my Original XF ever did. It’s really a dream but I will probably replace that lead screw anyway to keep my MacBook Pro from getting nauseous.

I already checked that and reset all the preloads. I know it’s not the preload because it moves fine in both directions at all IPM’s with just the Y2 lead screw and Y1 lead screw removed. So with the Y2 motor doing all the work there is no slowing down as it moves the full distance. It’s so smooth you wouldn’t even think the Y1 lead screw was removed.

Does the Y1 motor sound at all different than the Y2 if you run one at a time with no load?

I just checked and both motors sound the same with no load on them.

I’m wondering if it was simply the motor coupler slipping on either the motor shaft or lead screw…?

Is the lead screw bearing opposite the motor askew in its holder causing binding?

Those are tight. I made sure of that. I had that problem when I was troubleshooting the lead nut issue. Turns out I had a bad lead nut on Y2. I was sent a new lead nut. That problem is fixed and now I have a problem on Y1. Also, I forgot to mention that with Y2 lead screw off and Y1 lead screw on, Y1 has a hard time moving the full distance. I have to help it along by pushing or pulling it. It only works perfectly with Y2 by itself.

No binding on the bearing side.

Problem solved! It was the lead nut for Y1. I had to slowly tighten 1 screw at a time while running it back and forth to each end until I found the sweet spot. It works smooth not in both directions at all IPM’s.

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Just ran the break in program and it’s running perfectly!

Glad you solved it…

Ran the break in program several times and it’s running great! Thanks for everyone’s help!

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