Moveable plasma table

Have not finalized which model I will purchase but leaning towards the 4x8 table. I do have an issue that I will have to address no matter what table I purchase after the first of the year and that is:

No matter what size I buy, it has to be mobile. Reason being is, at times I have heavy construction equipment in the shop (front end loaders and once in a while a excavator and that entails moving equipment around and whichever table I end up buying, it will have to be mobile to make room when I have equipment in the shop and we are working on it.

My question is, are the frames on the tables rigid enough to add heavy duty casters without compromising them, or do I need to add additional bracing to the table legs and will having casters on the legs compromise the operation of the tables at all. The shop floor is dead level, has to be with the machine tools and the shop is climate controlled as well.

I really at this point don’t want to put up an addition just for the machine. Building costs are through the roof as it is and an addition would entail not only the physical aspect but additional wiring and possibly a larger heat and air conditioning unit.

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I have mine on casters and I did add bracing to tie things together and support the tank I added to drain the water table when not in use. I think @rat196426 also has casters on his.

This question comes up pretty regularly. Others and I have opted to not take the risk and built a base to sit our tables on.

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I built a roller frame that my crossfire pro sits on and level table itself on the frame. The table is not secured to roller frame.
welded 650 LB capacity castors right to the leveling pads that come with XR, rolls nice and the frame is very rigid on the XR had no problems with table staying square.


I will add my input here…I had added wheels to the legs…BIG MISTAKE!!!

Build yourself a rolling platform that the table sits on…why?..because the forces on the legs puts force on the gantry system rails…which will in time force your table out of square…it happened to me.

I had to rebuild my whloe table to get it square again…

The XR may be different as it has a lower frame for support…

here is my video on my Frankenstein tabkle base…

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