Motion Controller Error 20.6.2

Just upgraded to 20.6.2 and am getting this error:

This is happening on new .tap files that were just created today, as well as all previous .tap files that were cut without issue prior to updating to 20.6.2. I uninstalled the latest update and went back to 20.6, and the problem still persists. I know it seems like a post problem (sheetcam), but seeing as files that worked previously now show this error, I believe it is a firecontrol issue.

I need to get some things cut today so any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Example of file giving issues: Porch Railing Main Plate.tap (9.7 KB)


@langmuir-mike @langmuir-daniel

Are you getting this error when loading the file or trying to cut? I was able to load the file. I am running 20.6. I have not updated to 20.6.2 because if the bugs others have been experiencing.

I’m getting it during the load sequence.