Monitor arm mod

I decided not to purchase the monitor/pc/mount from Langmuir as it felt like the fixed configuration was going to enlarge the permanent foot print of the machine more than I wanted. It was also possible to get a larger (~24") touchscreen and more ram/storage within the same cost envelope. My desktop currently has a 6x Ergotron LX monitor arms and I’ve been very happy with them. I’ve also used Ergoton LX series for mounting a small TV.

After reading reviews online, it was suggested that the AmazonBasic monitor arms were actually manufactured by Ergotron. This was tempting as the Amz model is less than half the price of the LX. I was hoping that the “silver” model was simply cast aluminum that had been unpolished but it is actually painted. However, I can confirm that the AmazonBasics arms are indeed Ergotron LX parts but with lower fit and finish.

I drilled one hole in the legs to be able to mount the arm base with 5/8" 1/4-20" socket head screws.

The arm on the left is amazonbasics, the arm on the right is Ergotron LX.

Note that Ergontron does have other models with significantly more “lift” height that would allow for different mounting positions but the price would be 3x that of the amazonbasics model.


Cost before tax: $653.91


Did you save any money doing this?

Yes. However, the reasons to do this are to get a larger touchscreen, a more capable PC, and an adjustable monitor arm.

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Thanks. Listing the BOM is classy, and appreciated.


I wish i would have done more research lol, I was thinking there was something special about the langmuir setup. They really made profit on that option.

Here’s one way to modify the monitor arm so that it can swing out of the way when not in use. My shop is relatively small, so freeing up the space helps a lot.


I did a similar mod on my MR1 computer stand. I have limited space and really didn’t like having the monitor sticking out so far. I used an old treadmill roller, cut the bearing ends off and welded them back together, cut the shaft down and made some bushings and a bracket, cut the arm and welded things together. I think I went a little crazy on the build as I can hang off of it and pivot it. :crazy_face:

I added a couple soft stops so it didn’t crash into the machine, and a chunk of HDPE to give it a little tension so it stays where I put it.