Modular Vises vs. SMW Mod Vise System

Any thought on this? How correct are the accuracy of two Base Plates locating holes to each other?
If put a modular vise on each base plate I can indicate the stationary jaws on each vise very close to each other.
The SMW System will be dependent on how well the base plates are located together.
I think I’ll get the Modular Vises for this reason.

@Greendhg This is a great question and fortunately something that we thought of. The SMW system that was designed for MR-1 has enough adjustability in the mounting holes to make it so that the fixed jaws can be indicated true to each other when using multiple vises next to each other.


Thanks, I need to review the video on this. I thought I saw dowel pins on the fixed jaw.

The SMW fixed side jaw is doweled in place. What @langmuir-mike is referring to is the adjustability of the SMW baseplate when attaching to the MR-1 baseplate.