Modeling CFPro in Fusion

I’m modeling the CFPro in Fusion and need a few measurements can anyone help me out?

left or right rails the table gussets. Even a straight on picture of the gussets would be good enough. I can trace them in fusion.

Thanks in advance. I will make the file available when I get it done, I could also share it if others want to work on it.

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Here is a DXF s of the stanchion risers og and 2 risers. 3/16" thick.

Stanchion Crossfire Pro TinWhisperer.dxf (3.4 KB)
Stanchion 2 inch Riser Crossfire Pro TinWhisperer.dxf (3.4 KB)

I think all the bearing are 608 bearings?


Thanks much! I take it the shorter one is the stock version and the other is to gain Z height?

Yes . if you are running a long machine torch, Hypertherm SYNC adaptors, Want to cut profile/ extrusion or have a deeper water pan this may be the answer someone is looking for.

Great thank you

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@TinWhisperer would you happen to have to overall dimensional measurement of the taller stanchion. I downloaded the file but i never trust dxf files to be scaled properly. currently i am measuring 7.75 overall height and 4.25 wide. also…would there be any issue that you foresaw using 1/4 plate instead of 3/16?

I’ll check my drawing on the computer.

I think you have to use 3/16 on the outside but you might be able to get away with quarter inch on the inside plates.

I’ve never installed these myself but I’m going to shut my machine down for the season and kind of rebuild it here in the next month or so and I will add the stanchion risers then.


Hey Tin, is (shutting down) code for you have new XR coming???

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I wish!

I’ve set the money all aside for it now. I’d love to just buy it now and receive it sometime later. I need to do a lot of revamping around the shop to fit an XR. Need to see what the shipping for an XR to the Spokane area would be right now.

I do have my pro limit switches coming and I have a few mods of my own I want to do. I pretty much have a stock machine still.