Miller Spectrum 875 Auto Line

OK. I bought a used Spectrum auto line cutter, I’m now needing to order the machine torch Miller Part # 249955 ( long body ) or should I buy 257464 ( short body ) ? I was thinking the long body would give better stability with one of the machine torch holders offered for sale in this forum.

Do I need to buy the Miller Automation Kit ( 301157 ) less the Remote Pendant Control?

Is anybody using the Auto Line cutter?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me out with this.

I have the Spectrum 875 (not auto line) myself and just received my torch. I ordered the short body w/LS machine torch holder. The short body machine torch is 7" long and mounts good on the holder with plenty of stability. As for as the Automation Kit I really can’t comment on it because I have had no dealings with it. But from what I’ve read about the kit it would be a plug & play device that you wouldn’t have to manually wire the torch in like I had to with mine. Hope this helps and good luck!

Stinker, can you post a pic of the short body mounted on the LS machine torch holder?

I ordered some of the automation components today, still deciding on which torch.

No one else using this cutter?

Okay I’ll have to wait until I get back home maybe this weekend. I’m working out-of-state at this time. I haven’t had a chance to put it together yet but I’ll see what I can do.

@WeldinRod1 Ok I finally made it back home. Like I was saying that I haven’t had a chance to put it together yet and actually I’m still trying to get my table assembled but to give you an ideal here are a few pictures of what it would look like.

If you notice in the picture that is facing horizontal there are 3 settings on the torch holder that can be adjustable. Hope this will helps.

Outta Site! Thanks for posting, I ordered the LS Torch Holder, its on the way, haven’t ordered the torch yet. I was waiting to hear back from you. Is this Miller part # 257464? Can you post a coupla pics of the machine side connection. Thanks alot.

Yes that part number is correct provided that you do want the 25ft. For more pictures I had to leave for work :articulated_lorry: out-of-state again. I only had a 10 hr. break @ home this weekend. I may be able to pass back though Tuesday or Wednesday and I’ll get some then. If not then it’ll be next weekend.

Got my LS machine torch holder in. Still haven’t ordered the torch yet. Waiting to see more pics of Stinkers before I order.

I apologize for taking so long but I just didn’t have time this past weekend. I’m just passing thru the house today and quickly took these pics. As you can see I’m still not finished putting my table together and needs adjusting but this will give you an idea of what it looks like. As I was mounting the torch onto the THC the chrome bracket screw is rubbing against the torch body but it still works.

Looks great, can you post a pic of the other end of the cable, the part that plugs into the cutter. I got a lead on a new torch here locally for $450, I believe its the same one that you have. Thanks for your help.

Are you and I the only ones here using the Spectrum 875?

I’m on the road again but I found these 2 pictures on the internet which is the same identical one that I have. From my understanding Miller only has 2 models for the Spectrum 875. XT60 (hand torch) and the XT60M (machine torch). The item numbers identifiers the long or short body torch and cable size. As long as it is either one of those model numbers it will work on your machine.

connection to the machine looks a lot like a BCD inflator for scuba diving…

dam I miss traveling and diving…


Score, $450. Never been used.


I order parts for the spectrum automation kit, which tie into the kit internally and have a recepticle mounted on the outside of the machine. Does the Pro kit come with a recepticle that will attach here? Miller shows part# 220240 that i believe would attach here, but it is no longer made? Can anyone shed some light on this. I also got a cable and a machine torch terminal clip for the THC with the miller kit. See pics. Thanks

pics wont load

Sorry some pics wouldn’t upload states too big need resizing? these came from my phone and loaded? dont know why the others wont.

Ok, I got around to installing the Miller automation pigtail/receptacle on my machine, simple enough, just remove a small cover panel and install new receptacle in its place. But Miller gives 2 options on where to plug it in at on the plasma. Option 1.) Connect harness to plug RMT1 for OK to move dry contacts signal. Or option 2.) Connect harness to RMT2 for OK to move hot contacts signal (+24 VDC).

I currently have it plugged into RMT2, but just guessing. Can any of you shed some light on which plug in I should use? I’ve included the instructions from the Miller kit. PDFMiller Auto Kit.pdf (183.2 KB)

No one can shed any light on this?

Has anyone ever answered this ?

This guy made a video of how he wired his 875 Autoline. Miller Spectrum 875 Autoline wired up to the Langmuir Crossfire Pro - YouTube