Miller 625 X-Treme automation kit

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I’m new so give me some room…

bought a new Miller 625 X-treme to use with my table, also bought the 301158 automation kit (probably a mistake) 625 worked perfectly un-modified
after kit install now find the only way to get the hand torch to fire is the following:

turn on machine with hand torch trigger pulled, wait 10 seconds,plug in shorted RJ connector into front panel (two remote fire wires shorted)

after that the hand torch has control and works normally…

will be using the hand torch on table, not sure how that responds yet but need the cutter to work independently of the table as well…

is this correct?


I too have the 625 ex, I decided not to add the cnc kit and just hot wire per instructions.
Works great, I can use the trigger when I need to hand cut something.
Hate to say it but I think you are better off without that kit. If you had THC and a machine torch you would need it.
My only complaint is that Miller does not offer a variety of tips, consumables for this torch.
Good luck man.

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I am having a problem getting the 301158 kit wired do you have any advice on what wires are the remote firing wires in the kit?

Hi Guys I’m new in this forum, I have a question for all you I’m new to the CNC world and Plasma tables, I order a pro with the THC, but I only have the hand torch on the 625 extreme plasma, he has the CNC option on the front cover, that never install can I be able the used without the Kit? or I need the kit to be able to work with THC?

You don’t need the kit to work, but you’ll have to splice some wires and get into the machine to get it all hooked up. I didn’t quite catch if your machine had the cnc kit and it wasn’t installed, or if it didn’t have it.

There are two signals from the plasma you will need - torch on/off and voltage measurement. Torch on/off is needed in all cases, but the voltage measurement is only needed for THC. If you don’t have the cnc kit, you’ll have to tap the appropriate wires inside the machine so the THC can read the RAW voltage. It will then divide this by 50 to get the voltage in the range the controller works from (50:1 division).

Torch on/off is basically tapping into the same circuit as the trigger switch. The CNC controller will be pulling the trigger instead.

With the kit, all these wiring tasks are taken care of. No splicing needed. It even divides the voltage 50:1 so the THC doesn’t need to divide the voltage and provides an ‘Arc OK’ signal that is not used by this table, but many other CNC tables do.

I have the 625 with CNC kit. Let me know if I can help.

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thank you very much for you prompt respond and help I really appreciated, I don’t have the kit install on it, it has the option to add it, so in this case is better to add the kit and is the kit # 301158?

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The kit is around $350 I believe. I think it’s price has dropped a lot - I seem to remember it being more like $6-800 a year ago…if it’s was $150, I’d say it’s a good deal, but all depends on how much the 3 or 4 hours are worth to splice it manually. If you’re a business, I’d definitely get the kit, but I’m with

in general. On the other hand, it’s a much cleaner / easier way to do it. I think Miller has discontinued it as well - which maybe why it’s discounted? Could be wrong on that.

James5 you right the kit is $325 to $345 depend where you buy it. And yes your right the kit is discontinued,

Are you using the kit with a THC on a hand torch or machine torch, this my main concern to know if will work just with the hand torch, I don’t want to get a machine torch they are way too expensive the kit I can swallow the cost selling other tools that I haven’t using in decades

I have a machine torch and a hand torch. I unplug the machine torch and leave it with the table when I want to hand cut stuff.

Tell me about it. Way overpriced.

I’m finding that I use my hand torch less and less these days. I’ve discovered the Diablo Cermet II Steel Demon 7 1/4 blades and I’m using them on an old wood circular saw. It works so well for straight cuts, I’m not pulling out the plasma much, although it has it’s place for sure.

If I was doing it over, I’d just have the hand torch with 20’ lead and use with both the table and my rare manual cuts. That’s what most folks do. I’m not smart. But for trimming sheets and cutting stock, those diablo blades are pretty sweet.

If you want to see my journey getting started…I documented some of it, and the miller cnc hookup over in this post: Adventures in metal cutting

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Thanks that very helpful. So you think I can get away with the miller CNC kit a handle torch on the HTC. So I can order that kit? Thanks

If you meant handle torch with THC, yep. The handle torch will work fine, but I’m not an expert with it due to having the machine torch. Others can share their experience, but I know many have been operating successfully with that setup. Watch the length of the lead with the pro table - I think LS recommends longer than the 12’ lead. I have the 20’.

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Here is the Manual for the Miller 625 Plasma. Wiring Diagrams are at the back (Bottom) of the manual it illustrates the two wires inside the 625 that you need to wire into.

Gentleman, I need help once again. I was able to get the cnc kit for my spectrum 625. For a good price. The problem now is that I’m not very good with electronics, here is what I have the new front cover come with two set of wires one is a set of 6 pins and two cables one is white #12 mark on it and one white and black strips, also a 7 pin connector, I did connect the 7 pin connector from the original cover and on the mainboard the 6 pin connector in the RC1, but I don’t know what to do with the other wires, on the manual that come with it, didn’t say what to do with them. please help

Good Day JLO75! I see that this post is quite aged but I do not see where a true answer was ever given. I’ve purchased the automation kit (MIller Part# 301158). The Automation Kit came with a CAT6 Receptacle. Out of this receptacle is a 6 prong plug and two wires that connect inside the 625. On the opposite end of the CAT6 cable there is 3 sets of wires. One set is a blue wire and a blue/white wire, the second set is an orange wire and an orange/white wire, and the third set is a brown and brown/white wire. On the Crossfire Pro I have the plug that comes out of the Torch On/Off and has two female clips on the opposite end. I’m seeing that the blue and blue/white connect here but I cannot find where the other two sets of wires need to connect in the Crossfire Pro so I can start attempting to operate. I’ve attempted to call Langmuir for customer support but they’re phone communications is non-existent and when you email them it takes a few days for a reply. I am needing to get this table operating. Please help me if you can. I appreciate it.

here’s a pic i pulled from James post above. blue blue/white are for torch on/off, no polarity. Brown goes to black and brown/white go to red on other cable for THC. orange isn’t used.

Hello all

not sure what’s going on but in our Miller 625 x-Treme setup we only needed the blue ansd B/W pair to make the Crossfire fire the torch as I recall…hope that ans any questions? if not let me know