Miller 625 extreme with CNC kit wiring

Hello from near Boston

getting my THC going with a Miller 625 extreme… correct me it I’m wrong please

the Brown (+) wire (the work) and the Brown/white (-) wire (the torch) provide the proper 50:1 output division for the THC directly…

how (ie which color wires) should they be connected to in the Langmuir THC pig tail?

tnx in advance
Mike, K1FNX

Welcome Back!

Attached below is your owner’s manual for reference.

Miller 625 Extreme automation manual link.

Brown to black (positive)
Brown/White to red (negative)
on DV input cable.

Brown/White and Brown to DV input on the VIM (voltage input module) the From DV output on the VIM to the Langmuir electronic enclosure THC port.

White and White/Blue is your trigger relay circuit
This connects to “torch on/off” on the Langmuir electronic Enclosure. This circuit is not polarity sensitive.