Miller 625 extreme settings and cut speed

Anyone here using a miller 625 extreme and have some good info on feed speed and amperage for different thickness material you are using. Its always a guessing game for me. I Am deffinetly in market for a hypertherm with machine torch when money allows

I am using a miller 625 extreme…unfortunately I have not used the machine much. But I had issues with the .5s pierce delay that was recommend in one of the setup videos. I had to up it to 1s then it worked fine. Miller also recommends like 200 ipm for 16 ga which is way to fast for the cross fire. It would round out my corners.

I get good results with 14ipm on 3/8" thick mild steel with my X-TREME 625

Hey chuck I want one of your torch holders can I buy one from you.

I have nothing but problems cutting thick stuff. It sucks with Langmuir holder. No matter what I do I get beveled cuts.

Ya, the crossfire holder does not work well with the XT40 torch on the 625. I have been waiting almost 2 weeks for replacement parts.
1/4" longer bolts let’s you hold the torch much better, as soon as the parts come I be trying it.

I think milling the Crossfire torch holder out a little would work good.

I use longer bolts to hold the cup. And it’s still wacky. Every time I take torch out the beveled cuts happen on different angles. I have tried and tried to get straight cuts and can’t get it with there holder on thick material

I bought the machine torch holders fro Steven but haven’t gotten a machine torch yet. I would love to get this new holder and save $625.

I have not cut anything over 1/4" so far so I have not noticed any angles. Now you have me worried.
Maybe chuck will mill us both a new holder.

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I hope. Would love to have that holder. Way more contact surface so torch will always sit the same. Just did 1/4 inch with mine and it came out terrible. And I have done everything to make holder square.

14 gauge you can’t tell but anything thicker comes out like crap with the miller. Was going to buy a hypertherm with machine torch. But if I can get a holder that works I can wait a little longer before putting out the big coin.

Wish I had a milling machine I would make my own.

I have one, just have not had time to mess with it,


I wish I had one. As soon as I build my shop I will. That’s awsome that you have that.

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Ya but it is useless without time to mess with it, busy as hell right now. Couple weeks I should have time to play around.
Guess if chuck doesn’t want to sell a couple I will start looking around for some alluminum stock.

Hey Joe, I’ll be starting another run of mounts late next week and can make you a single if you’d like.
What’s the OD on the cup and I’ll set the bore a few thou over that.

Best, Steve.

The problem with these torches as I see it is that they only have a 1/2"flat collar, then they taper down fast.

So a holder will only bight on the 1/2’,

I am not so sure that bighting onto this rubber cup with any mount is possable to do without crushing the ceramic insulator underneath once the cnc starts wiping it around. Do you have any guys with the xt40 torch using your mounts without killing the insulator?

1.185 on brand new cup never used. Steven if you could make me one that would be great. I got banned from Facebook and messenger for 30 days for a post I posted in 2016 so I couldn’t contact you back on machine torch holders. Email me at So we can talk. Thanks.

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``Tried to post picture but can’t figure out how. Lol. Just tried again and image is to large. But if you can make me a mount like the one I want money will hit Paypal.

Ya, I will bight as well,