Micro cuts on thin material (Solved)

Recently, @TinWhisperer started streaming on twitch.tv. LOVE the content.

Some of the projects have a fair amount of micro-cuts. These are getting completely blown out on 1/4 steel.

I’m using the razerweld 45 at 30 amps using Hypertherm Powermax30 consumables.


I believe if you have the stock machine torch that came with the RW, you don’t want to try and cut below 40 amps.

What are micro cuts?

Why on earth would you try to cut 1/4 steel at 30 amps?

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Come on @TinWhisperer get in here and tell him why this is happening.

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@jaminbrazil Thank you and @mechanic416 is right use all 45 amp with the correct consumables for quarter inch.

I live streamed a short answer about at about 19minute. I will go into more detail in the future.

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Very thankful for the community’s feedback. @TinWhisperer , your instructions for creating a custom path for just the micro-cuts solved it.

Thank you @Knick @brownfox and @mechanic416

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Good to hear! I am marking this solved