Metal parts warping

I was cutting my parts out and one piece warped and then proceeded to catch on the nozzle so I had to stop the program, I was cutting 11 ga steel at 95 ipm 45 amps 60 psi on razorweld 45, can’t figure out what went wrong

Normally warp age is from running too slow but this thicker steel don’t normally have issues unless your design is really focusing in one area for a long period. In this case you might create new toolpath to move around to help. Also verify your torch height is 0.06 from steel. I like to run my torch around the table prior to cutting things because sometime the workpiece isn’t exactly level from the start. I don’t have THC. GL

try raising the level in your water table, up your cut speed. Raise air pressure to 70PSI


Alright thanks