Messed up tool path

Hi I am unaware why my tool path is messed up any ideas, before you ask for the file I have no clue how to find it to upload it…

If someone could tell me how to upload the file that would be awesome lol

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Make a DXF from it, then rename it with .pdf at the end and upload here

Really though, you should be able to rectify that.

Is your kerf width appropriately set? Did you simulate it? Normally if it’s a linking constraint issue, the path would be ignored.

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yes kerf width is fine. simulated it as well, still messed up… never ran into this issue before. I can upload the .svg file I made or would you need a .dxf? I use inkscape to make svg files and upload them to fusion 360 CAM.
jones tree final 2

every other tool path on the design worked perfect so I’m not sure why its messed up

ok I am pretty sure I have figured out where I went wrong, for some reason on inkscape there was a stroke set on the whole path, will update soon.

it did not fix it…

It is ideal when having an issue with Fusion 360 to upload an *.f3d file. Then we can see not only the image you are working with but all the other choices you have made.

This forum allows the *.dxf file extention .

:+1:Exactly the issue I think as well. The geometry is too small.

I’ll run a quickly live stream running the provided file above. A video is worth a million word.

I’ll have to also look of why my file system show that SVG as red ?

Live Stream Channels

Ill likely start around 445am mst

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family wall hanging fix.dxf (609.1 KB)

Family wall hanging forum_.f3d (3.2 MB)

Here are the file from the video.

There were many errors in the svg like this.


@TinWhisperer Great job as always!

Here is uploading f3d file to forum:

And this would be one of three ways, if you wanted to upload dxf from Fusion 360:


sorry just getting around to this now, its red because I like to put boxes around the image so I can measure if it imports into fusion 360 at the correct scale.

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also forgot to put in there that this is supposed to be 24" i scaled it up in fusion for that.

family tree v1.f3d (1.1 MB)
here’s the actual .f3d

@ChelanJim @TinWhisperer
Man you guys are legends, always helping on everything I post. very much appreciated.


I think the family was broken because in inkscape I used a stroke on on the text then used stroke to path, maybe that messed it up. I wanted the text to be more bold

Thank you for the recognition.
Legend: definitely applies to Tin.

Stroke to path puts a path around the perimeter of the stroke (line width). This results in a path around the inside and outside of the line, which is not a desirable result for plasma cutting in most cases.

It can be an effective tool to make the text larger, but you have to manually go in and remove the inner path by deleting the nodes.


I unified both paths so the only path would be around the edge, made sure there’s no nodes inside.