Memory capacity on the control

Is there any memory capacity in the machine control unit, or does it run on a drip feed setup from the computer?


Hi and welcome to the gang. If your asking if the control box on the table has memory I would say no. You have to have your PC on to run the program that makes the table do its thing. If I misunderstood the Q forgive me. My memory is low tonight.

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Yes that’s basically what I was asking. I have other CNC lathes and Mills in the shop and one computer. I just send the programs to the machines from one computer and they’re stored within their control. If for some reason there’s not enough memory in the machine then I drip feed them. I haven’t received my plasma table yet I was just wondering how that was going to work. Looks like I’m going to need to find another computer or laptop to run it off of. Thanks for your answer.

Your welcome. If you allready have mach3 you know it doesnt take much to run it. If not the firecontrol software should even take less to run it so I wouldnt go to wild. I run my table with an old laptop i had in the closet for about 5 years.

I don’t have Mach 3. I originally bought it with my table. however they had a news release some time back that said they had replaced it with something else that was free I believe I received a refund for mach 3. Is that something I’m going to need to purchase.

No, the crossfire Pro will have a control software that comes with it free of charge. A program Langmuir is in the process of designing. And in the near future they will have a design software wich will be alot more basic than say Fusion 360. So if you have any ole laptop laying around you should be in a good position to get it all going when you get it. The controll software will be Firecontrol .


Nov '19

Hi All-

FireControl will work with full versions (non-S) of Windows 7+ (we are not testing with XP as of yet and make no guarantees there) and MacOS for as long as they support OpenGL (all modern versions).

Hardware requirements are minimal- these are not hard requirements and you will likely be able to run the software on most modern computers. We run it on barebones laptops with:

  • Processor: 1.6Ghz+
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Available Disk: 100MB

We have not tested or developed for gaming controllers but touchscreens and wireless keyboards will function fine.

While there are buttons for everything in the UI, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts available such as jogging, toggling between jog modes, start/pause programs. More details on this will be available in the FireControl User Guide.