Making Line art with Fusion 360

Enter center path for line to be cut and I get a off set plasma startfor my path
Does anyone have a answers that not going to sheetcam

Make sure you have compensation type set to In Computer under passes tab on your 2d contour.
On the Geometry tab Set it to inside or outside (this sets which side is the “waste material” where pierces and lead in/ lead out will go. As far as I have seen Fusion biases to one side or the other of the line. It doesn’t center on the line. Remember Fusion started life for CNC machining where you want to come in from one side or the other. You have to work with that limitation.

I know you said you’re not going to sheetcam, but it’s so easy to learn and use. I can tool path or make corrections to a previous file and have it back in fire control in under a minute.

It’s great software.

But can I use sheetcam to drive my CNC Router and my 3d Printer? and do it all for Free?
I’ve used Sheetcam, it’s not bad but it’s not everything for everyone. When you only have a hammer the world looks like it’s made of nails.

Hmmm, not really implying it’s everything to everyone, but you asked a specific question about cutting with no offset.

I guess I only work with nails and it sounds like you’re trying to hammer in a nail with a screwdriver.

I have different software for different applications, and have given up lengthy research to find a free solution when I can pay for the solution and make my money back in less time.

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Not proud of it but I worked out a hacky solution for a .065 slot I was trying to cut in fusion. My kerf was .055 so I though fusion would be smart enough to figure it out if I had my lead in and lead out either small enough to work or disabled. However, no luck as it seems fusion defaults to some lead in and lead out of a default distance that I wasn’t able to change. What I ended up doing was creating a copy of my torch in the library and setting it to .001 kerf and manually drawing to the tool path to give me my desired slot with. I then set the lead in and lead out to be like .003 long at 0 deg so the tool path would be close enough. I believe Fusion has to have some sort of lead in and lead out in order for cutter comp to work because that is the only way i could get it to work. The sight offset and leads didn’t really show in the end result given how relatively imprecise the cutting method is. Would be interested to know if anyone has a better way to do this. Cheers

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If you’re talking about just making a line for a brake point or something.

Select the line, select center for sideways compensation, put 0 for lead in distance and put 0 for pierce clearance and it will just cut down the center of the line.