Magnetic chuck ideas

I was looking at magnetic chucks for the shop…but damn they are expensive in Canada…a 4" x 6" is over $210 CDN…( about $160USD)…and they are small…

I saw one person who mounted a round magnet is the surface of a wood table and it held pretty well…problem is it can be hard to pull it off…slide it…scratch it…and the magnet gets full of fillings.

I have my hands of a few 24v and 12v electric door hold closed devices…these things hold a force of around 600lbs when engaged.

I think the fact that a switch can turn it off for cleaning and removal…sounds to be like the cats ass…
but am I looking for problems by trying this out?

I would mount them in a table under a thin aluminum sheets or thin plywood…with an on/off switch.

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I’m in the same boat… was thinking of modifying one of these. not sure if 50lbs of pull is enough, but i would think so. non-electric and has a release.

look what I found …using the little magnifying glass on youtube…who would ever have guessed that the little magnifying thing would get me answers…maybe I should tell others of this magic search function…

do you think the search function works here??..ahahahahahahahahaahah

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Interesting. Why the need for a shallow pocket? Do you think the magnetic force would attenuate too much through the tabletop slat too much to hold down anything on top of it?

i was actually contemplating gutting an old microwave for the transformer to make an electro-magnet and was watching a few YT videos last night. THIS might be a safer route.

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Well ya made me do it… found one on OfferUp for $20.

Now to find a power supply for it.

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ya gotta keep me informed…I gotta know…I gotta…

Came up with this temp setup…

Found a12v/2amp power block

countersunk some holes in a HF welding table. Aligned the magnet underneath and held it on with long bolts and nuts to get holes aligned correctly. energized it and took the bolts off and it held in place.

Placed a block of wood under the magnet and screwed in some countersunk wood screws from the top to hold the magnet in place when I turn it off.

I was able to lift the whole table up with that lil visegrip.


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gotta love the wood screws into wood…when we do metal working ahahahahahahaha

Trust me, I looked all over for countersunk machine screws but they weren’t long enough… I just wanted to test the concept and it worked pretty good… the only place that’s magnetized is that area to my surprise… I guess it doesn’t spread to the rest of the tabletop.

that is why I am looking at the long double magnets…for larger pieces of work.

Yeah i’ve seen a one piece double on amazon for about $35. might go that route later if/when i get a bigger welding table.

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image image This is what I use. The plate is just 14 gauge cold roll set in a wooden frame. I attach a shop vac to the side to pull the filings down into the box. I was lucky and found the magnets at work (I asked our head of security) that were destined for the trash so I have zero dollars in the magnets. This works extremely well in holding parts for grinding/dross removal


fantastic…just what I was thinking of doing…I was only concerned about dual electromagnets messing with the piece of metal…but I like the idea…thanks for posting.

It works like a champ. I have even ground tiny little 2.5 cm stars with this arrangement and it holds them in place (although this is probably the size limit as there is just not enough material to get a good magnetic circuit). On bigger parts it is rock solid

I made one using door locks and it work well.


I was looking at multiple magnets…but was worried about possible magnetic heating occurring on the metal when the plate grabs 2 or more magnets…

I guess you do not have that problem…

you figure it shouldn’t be a problem since those types of magnets are always ON or magnetized to keep the door closed and only turns off for a moment when you push the button to open the door when used in that manner.

I actually just purchased a single 600LB one of these off Amazon yesterday, love seeing it on here! I also am planning on building mine into a down draft table so that I can also keep all the junk from flying all over the room. Looks awesome though! How does the wood hold up when you hit it with a flap disc? I also like how you have the switches and power supply built in. Well done!

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I have been looking at magnetic chucks for grinding and came across this thread. This is definitely the route I want to go. Anyone care to share what power supply they landed on, switches, lessons learned?