Made my first cuts today

Thank you for all your help on this site. Got my table together and made a perfect cut the first time. Taking Fusion 360 classes at local school made all the difference in programming and design.
11ga mild steel I made a perfect Alien :alien: head.
Here is a picture of my new machine. Water storage system. Drag chains installed. Table EMI grounding system.
New Everlast 82i plasma cutter with ipt80m torch.
What a great addition to my retirement fab shop.

My only problem that some newbies might watch out for is that I tightened the torch hold down clamp to tight. This caused the pilot arc plunger inside the torch to get stuck up. Called Everlast on my no fire issues and the walked me through it
Loosened the clamp and the plunger popped down into place. Here are some more pictures of my building. It’s all coming together.
Thank you again to all you guys


Yeah, that pretty much looks like everyone else’s shop… NOT!
Nice setup! I think you’re getting a little carried away with all the dust covers on the equipment, however… How ya gonna see the display? :wink:

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Lotta metal dust flying around… Tom


man that is nice…welcome to the Everlast/Langmuir plasma cutting club…well done…
I run a 62i with the machine torch…
nice water filtration system…
how is your air system?..I see threaded black pipe…heavy duty…

I have a Ingersoll Rand UP6 screw compressor with IR refrigerator drier. Runs multiple buildings.
As for my dust covers. There is a Bridgeport and South Bend lathe just out of the picture. Metal chips flying everywhere. I would thank you for your input on the raw voltage hookup on the Everlast.
Just bypassed the CNC port altogether.

serious compressor…wow…
It was my pleasure to be able to provide people with help here…sometimes i get it wrong…sometimes I get it right…

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Ooooooh! …very nice indeed! :smile:

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Toolboy. I know you said you are from Canada. I worked for a refinery building plants for many years. They sent me to Thunder bay to do a job. It was -32° f outside with the wind blowing @ 30 mph.
The engineers in New Jersey could understand that Thunder bay weather is not New Jersey weather.

I live in the Nations Capital…Ottawa…the 7th coldest capital city in the world…the other capital cities are in Russia…so I know cold…
cold is when both C/F meet at -45…happens at least once a winter here…
heck…last week we went from a couple of days at 88F…down overnight to 58…

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Awesome man! I’m diggin the covers, where can I get some from? They look heavy duty and how do you like those casters?

Covers are made by a company named PawTec.
They may have gone out of business due to COVID-19 and California politics.
Still have some on Amazon for larger 27" screens.
They are the neoprene type.
The casters are heavy duty. You can turn a thumb wheel over the wheel itself and level the table.

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Sweet! I’m going to check out those covers, what brand are those casters?

McMaster-Carr Item 2445T41
High-Capacity Leveling Mount Insert for Tubular Legs, for 2" Outer and 1-3/4" Inner Square, M12 x 1.75 mm Thread Leveling Caster, M12 Thread x 1-1/4" Long Stem and 2" Diameter Wheel

Here are the casters and the inserts for the legs


Much appreciated :+1:

Nice setup you got their. The only thing I see wrong is you have your machine torch mounted wrong. You have the lower clamp on the torch head. Both clamps should be on the torch tube never on the torch head.


Got it. Thank you

Ooooh, when I see a Bridgeport, I get so excited! Got a Taiwanese clone on order! Liking the leveling base for the mill. :smile:


Great mill 1957 … Was in a old mans garage for 40 years. Almost no lash.

Nice setup…!! We need a shop thread that not only show cases the Langmuir but also what they make and what they use! Maybe we already have one and I missed it!


Thank you. I agree