Machine torch wiring

I need help wiring my machine torch to my plasma cutter. I currently have a klutch 375i cutter. I just bought a PTM 60 machine torch for my cutter. I wired it up and it comes one when I turn the plasma cutter on. Can some one help me with this. I am not sure what I did wrong. Thanks.

The machine torch head is always shorted (i.e. “trigger” pulled). Cut and cap either the 3 or 6 wire inside your plasma cutter going to the euro-plug. Make sure you’re on 2T mode.

You need to run the trigger wires from the torch to the controller not to the plasma cutter.

Some torches don’t have a separate trigger wire, they’re pre-wired in the euro plug whip.

The torch for that plasma cutter does not use a euro plug.

CNC torch’s are not wired in the euro plug direct to the trigger or it will fire as soon as the plasma cutter is turned on. They have to have separate trigger wires to go to the controller to fire the plasma cutter.

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The PTM 60 I got did not have separate trigger wires. The trigger wires are inside the whip and go to pins 3 and 6 on the plug.

Sorry, the pins may be there but they are not connected to anything. If they were the torch would fire just by turning on the plasma cutter.

Yes that’s what I found, pins 3 and 6 off the whip are shorted on the torch end. So I just cut one trigger wire inside the plasma cutter and wired in series (instead of in parallel for the hand torch method) to the Crossfire control box for the trigger. Seems to work just fine. Unless there’s a better way?

Yes there was a better way, but it doesn’t matter as you already have it working.

What would you recommend? Opening the leads in the machine torch head that are currently continuous, and wiring those leads directly to the Crossfire control box?

All you would have had to do is remove the plastic nut and the window from the torch connector and cut one of the trigger wires #3 or #6 and run the wires from there, replace the window and plastic nut. I do it all the time on all my CNC torch’s I sell.

Could you elaborate? I’m new to all this and my machine torch is firing right away as well and I’m not understanding how to fix it.

I have powermax 900 ,and crossfire pro.I am looking to buy the duramax retrofit torchers ,have any of you wiring it crossfire pro.

I am still looking for the answer to this question. I quick picture or two, or simple hand drawn wiring diagram would be awesome. Or explain it to me, and I will take pictures.

Well it would help if you told us what plasma cutter you have and or what torch you are trying to wire.

razorweld cut45. For the torch, it is just a machine torch, it has two pins that go to the trigger, and two pins that are looped.

Is the Razorweld 45 the newer model with the CNC set up ports. And were did you get the machine torch. This will help so I can tell you the right way to fix this.

The razorweld has a cnc port. It is the plasma cutter that most users have, as it is sold by LS with the crossfire pro. Here is a picture from the inside of the torch.

Unplug the blue jumper from pins 1 and 9 and it will work fine. Their is no need for them on a machine torch.

Also make sure the red wires are pushed in all the way.

That looks like a Langmuir or Plasmadyn torch.

Ok, so which trigger wires are connected, and to what pins?