Machine torch or not

I am about to order an “update” torch for an older Hypertherm Powermax 600.

The machine torch is a couple hundred more than the manual torch……

Is it worth it?

Are there any major draw backs to the manual torch?

I like the idea of maintaining the ability to use the torch manually. This machine will be in a Makerspace and not everyone who does metal work will want to learn how to use a CNC machine. I was thinking of keeping the old torch with the “inferior” and hard to find consumables. The torches have a panel mount cannon plug so it would be easy to swap them out, I think.

How much hassle is it to remove the torch from the Z for manual use?

How many people use their plasma manually after setting up a CNC table?

The machine torch is neater. The torch cable is out of the way there is less leverage on the z axis in my opinion. The consumables can be changed without taking the torch off the machine.
The bad side is you can’t hand cut with a machine torch. It is definitely a advantage to have both.


You will likely need to buy a different mounting bracket for the z-axis. If you try to clamp down on the end of the machine torch with the hand torch mounting bracket, you would damage the consumables and possibly the torch. I am not familiar with what you call:

The machine torch will not be able to be used manually. It does not have a trigger and would be unwieldy.

I really like the machine torch set up but if you want one to do both, you would not like the machine torch.

Here is Langmuir’s mounting bracket:

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Does anyone have pics of the thermal arc machine with the machine head installed can’t find any pics

Are you talking about the Thermal Dynamics machine torch.