Machine Torch Mount Bolt

I got my machine torch mount yesterday and there’s a 1/4-20 Allen head bolt in the package. What’s it for?

Usually, with machine torches the stock knob and bolt interferes with the body of the torch. The new 1/4-20 is intended to replace the stock knob when using machine torches… Depends on the torch.

The clamp bolts are longer than the threads are deep so you can’t clamp the torch down. Was yours like this?

The clamp bolts should go all the way through the clamp. The holes are threaded all the way through.

Not on these, the thread stops even with the outside edge of the opening.

You might have gotten a bad set. Never seen a set that wouldn’t clamp on one of my torch’s. If the hole is open but the bolt won’t go all the way through run a tap in and run the treads through.

Yeah the 1-1/2" to 2" long bolts bottom out way before it get to the size of the torch I’m gonna run a tap through them like you said.

Yea I just got a holder that felt same way, I tossed some tap magic fluid on them and just ran the bolts through.

Either the threads weren’t fully sent thru or that red coating interferes with it.

Once you run them through a couple times they loosen up and work perfectly

Had same issue with mine I installed 10 minutes ago. I just forced the issue, assuming that it was undertapped. Being aluminum, the bolts cut their own threads without too much difficulty.

I had to adjust the torch up as far as it would go per George’s directions and the mount is all the way up too. I’ve got like 2-1/8" between the tip and the slats.

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I have the PTM60 and have the mount basically maxed out to avoid clamping on the black plastic. Works perfectly fine

my mounts needed to be retapped as well

You do know you can drill a new hole in the mount and move the clamps closer together to give you more adjustment.

Yes, but I’d rather not. I set my travel height to 1.5 to avoid tip ups and didn’t want to have to go back and redo the gcode for all my files. The mount has adjustment holes that I could use to raise it more if mount is flipped but I don’t want to do that either.

Well as long as it works for you then that is all that matters.

I’m planning on cutting some of the extended plates so it’ll be good…