Machine stutters in Y when spindle is on

HI all,

I am starting to hear an audible click/jerk noise when the machine is moving in the Y axis, but only when the spindle is powered on. At first it was difficult to hear when the machine was running a program. However, the machine nearly crashed during a very light DOC during an adaptive clearing toolpath.

The Z axis began to slowly drop into my fixture as it traveled in the Y direction, as if it was ramping down but it should not be. Luckily I stopped the program in time.

Has anyone experienced this? This only happens when traveling in the Y and only when the spindle is powered.


Is it possible the clicking is coming from the Z axis? It sounds like the z-axis was trying to raise for a rapid move, then lowering to start the cut.

This is also happening when just jogging the machine in Y with the spindle on.

As far as the jogging down, It only happened when i was close the the build plate. Normally I have my parts in the vise.

Does the Z axis DRO move along with the corresponding Z movement?

i wonder if there’s some crosstalk going on. Check your wires, see if Y and Z are right next to each other. I’d start with the wiring in the control box since the outputs to the servos aren’t logic level. If so try moving them apart and seeing if that has any effect on your issue.

Can also try swapping drivers around.