Machine freezes in middle of cut (Solved)

Have you had problems with the controller boxes freezing ? My machine will stop in the middle of the cut and the only way I can clear the problem is to shut the controller box down and turn it on after about five minutes. If I try turning it on to soon nothing happens . When I power it up normally I can hear the motors in gauge if it stops and I turned it on to soon nothing happens .

Which plasma cutter are you using? How close is the plasma cutter power supply in relation to your PC?

I’m using the razorweld 30 and the plasma cutter is about 5 feet from the laptop and 3 feet from the controller box . If I unplug the USB cable and plug it back in I get an error code that says USB device not supported

I forgot to mention besides no motion control I also have a torch control

Try disconnecting your PC from the wall and putting it onto a insulated surface such as a piece of cardboard. Also try to create as much distance as you can between the laptop and the plasma cutter. Sometimes garages don’t have good grounds which exacerbates noise issues. Do you have the option to install a grounding rod to ground your machine?

The PC is not plugged in when I’m cutting I don’t know how much further away I can put the plasma cutter him based on the cable links control box cable is not very long either

Mach3program seems to be working fine. I need to get this operational quick every time the box shut down I will cut I’m working on

Is there someway to ground out controller box . You might want to change the design of the crossfire a plasma cutter is having affect on the control box and laptop and move the arm to the other side of the cutter

I think i might actually be misunderstanding the problem. At the instant the issue occurs, Mach3 appears to be running normally? In other words, it doesnt freeze the program? Does it seem like the power to the motors simply shuts off?

After the issue occurs, if you shut the power off and turn it back right away, the motors dont power up? Its only if you shut it down and wait a few minutes that youll get power when you turn it back on?

That is correct. The program stops ie the guide quits scrolling. The controls on the Mach3 program all function normally but nothing happens, no touch control, motor control or it seem power to the motors

Does the issue occur the instant that the torch fires?

No sometimes at the end of a cut or sometimes in the middle of a cut. There is no set pattern to when it stops. The other day it didn’t happen for 10-15 small pieces. Today it happened on cutting a second piece that was only 6”. I’ll try are get a video of it happening so you can have better idea of what it’s doing.

The piece I was cutting I’ve cut about 25 times so I know the program I good.

Gotcha, this is actually not an interference problem, but rather a intermittent issue with the power supply. We will get a new one sent out on Monday. I’d still like to see the video if you dont mind.

I’ve been having the same problem stops in the middle of a cut and I have to turn the plasma cutting off and restart the computer it’s done it a lot

Haven’t been able to get the video machine quits when wants. Past history, got the power supply today. Got it install and nothing happened. Tried for about 30 minutes with no results. Re-installed the old one and was able to get it to run again. Motion was pretty good didn’t quit once in 30 minutes. Traded one problem for another, now the torch won’t stay on for more than a few seconds. It was (the torch) working great before the swap. The error I got before I started all this today was RnR controller not found. Any ideas I’m getting frustrated.

It sounds like everything is working except the torch wont stay lit? What cutter are you using. What standoff height? Do you have good air supply?

Daniel, the torch was working fine until I tried the new power supply. I’m cutting the same material for the last two weeks. It’s getting really frustrating. First the program freezing, now can’t keep the torch lit. I had torch problems earlier but it was resolved when I lowered the amps and air pressure. I guess I should be happy that the crossfire isn’t freezing right now. Not sure what to make of the RnR controller not found.

Hi @Grouse. From your description it’s unclear to us what could possibly be the issue. Rather than go back and fourth with replacement parts we are going to send you an electronics box to swap out and a return label to send us your box so that we can identify what the issue is for future reference. You should see the replacement order and tracking information tomorrow morning. We really do apologize for the inconvenience and we understand that the intermittent problem you are experiencing must be frustrating. Let’s hope to get you up and cutting asap!

Troubleshooting can be tricky especially if you have more than one issue. You have to be methodical in troubleshooting. Each issue needs to be somewhat isolated. The torch not firing could have nothing to do with the control box.

Thankfully Langmuir is sending you a complete box you cant beat that as far as parts swap testing.

I do wish you the best of luck with it.

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