Machine CAD model + DIY upgrade ideas

Hi all! I’m wondering if there is a CAD model available for the MR1?

Like most of us I’m excitedly waiting for my machine to ship. I’d love to dive in, figure out if there are any mods I could make (especially ones that might be more easily accomplished prior to assembly and calibration) get started on fabrication. Would save me so much time if I didn’t have to measure and reverse engineer before assembly.

I’m thinking an obvious first upgrade would be some telescoping ballscrew and guide rail covers. What do y’all in the community have planned for MR1 mods?

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Great idea. I’m thinking of water jetting a 16 gauge stainless cover to adhere to the epoxy coating. I’d love to do that ahead of the time.

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If Langmuir isn’t going to make CAD available, I will consider modeling mine up before assembling.

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I have a laser scanner at my work. It’s good to about .001”. I was going to use it for leveling everything anyway so I might take a crack at making a solidworks model too. If others are wanting to cover the exposed epoxy coating with stainless sheetmetal, I could easily provide a *.dxf file to everyone.