Mac ventura 13.5 fire control not working

what’s up everyone, I been trying to download fire control on my laptop, Mac latest version and it won’t work, I downloaded all three versions and none work, I changed the settings on the laptop, but all it says is that fire control is damaged to move to trash.

I have a hp laptop with the software set up but fusion 360 won’t work on it ,it’s slow. I wanted to design on my Mac create the g code and email it to myself to pull up on the hp since I use that laptop at my shop. if anyone have any ideas on how to make this work it, I really apreciate it

Hey Rene,

Welcome to the Forum! I believe I might’ve also gotten an email from you earlier.

Check out this PSA regarding the issue you’re describing: PSA - FireControl on Mac (Installing/Launching errors)

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I just went through this myself. Mac will tell you that the file is corrupted, but then is unable to move to trash. After you “allow third party developers” is Privacy and Security setting, and download the most recent version, you will have to try and open it close something like 17 times before MacOS finally realizes that there is nothing wrong with the file, and it will open and run fine. I wasted a full day troubleshooting, then trying to set up a virtual windows through Fedora before I tried this as a last ditch effort. Good luck!

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Simpatize with you. I personally will never own another Mac or Apple product.
I sure Langmuir will assist you.