Ls-thc not recognized at top of screen..solved

im all new to this so bear with me, I am wanting to do a strait cut to slice up a full sheet, I toggled the strait cut button, but doesn’t let me go any farther, I noticed my thc is not active at top of screen… do I have to have a g code loaded to do this? activate thc? if not how to get software to active thc? I have the thc, plasma on, air on, power on, (connected by way of 50:1 divided, on/off) on inc port all correct, ground on metal, help please

Are you positive that the THC chip is installed in the correct orientation?

If you open up device manager, do you see CH340 under ports?

got it, did some research and my driver didn’t install like I thought, so did a manual install, now recognized, thanks, so to do the strait cut…can you do this right off the fire control software?

Yes you can, there is no program needed.

ok found that, problem was I didn’t zero out all axes, once I did that it allowed me to get into strait cut options, so I attempted this and my windows 10 is freezing on every attempt, not responding

Is it freezing after the plasma cutter fires? Which plasma cutter are you using?

both, it fired once and froze keep firing till I shut off plasma cutter, next attempt it froze before firing, and now will not fire again, confusing…, it will jog anywhere

Which plasma cutter are you using? How close is it to the Electronics box? Are you using the USB cable that we provided?

Primeweld cut60, yes using your usb cable, I’m about 3 ft away from electronics box, I would have to make a longer cables (on-off,50:1 diver cable) to get further away, laptop on separate power circuit, no continuity from usb to gantry, Laptop is on laptop tray… order number was 17131. So I think the FIX to motion control board was done on this batch? Getting green light on motion control board and red led on thc board,

FYI: I am setting up my Crossfire Pro received in July 2021 with a Razorcut 45 (supplied by Langmuir) and had this same issue. The THC was not recognized. I had to manually install the drivers on my Dell Windows 10 (fully updated and patched) system. Afterward, I also had the issue where the torch still wouldn’t fire. After much troubleshooting it turns out the ports on the front of my Razorcut 45 were reversed (as mentioned they might be in the setup guide).