Ls-thc hypertherm 45xp

I have a Hypertherm 45xp without CPC build-in and I have a handheld torch. Can someone point in the right wiring for this unit. I did purchase my ls-thc from Langmuir.

haven’t done it in while but I think I found the info on here when I did. when I was using the 45 I had the 15 deg hand torch. I think I had to pop out two of the wires and move them to a diff location. They make a tool to pop out those connectors. I then made my own CPC connector etc, but since you bought one from LM you should be good there. Have a look in the common threads on here about wiring torches.

The 45 xp has a spot on the board for arc voltage for your thc and for the hand torch violet and orange wires need to be tapped into to fire the hand torch.
Hypertherm has a service bulletin to wire there raw arc voltage kit into it just have to google that and it will show you where they are. There at the bottom towards the back once you take the cover off.
Pretty sure the info is on here if not its easily found online.

Thank for your help

FSB_809520r1_Powermax45XP_Raw_Arc_Voltage (1).pdf (2.5 MB)

That’s hypertherms 45xp raw arc info.