LS coming up with their own software?

I read on a youtube comment that LS is coming up with it’s own cutting software…is that true?

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That is correct. Firecontrol. replaces the mach3 on the pro tables.And also in the developement of there own design software.


I sure hope they can do their own design software as well… I have nothing but issues with F360


ConFusion 360 is alot more than the basic user needs. Now if you wanted to build a space shuutle it would be great.



Hi All-

FireControl will work with full versions (non-S) of Windows 7+ (we are not testing with XP as of yet and make no guarantees there) and MacOS for as long as they support OpenGL (all modern versions).

Hardware requirements are minimal- these are not hard requirements and you will likely be able to run the software on most modern computers. We run it on barebones laptops with:

  • Processor: 1.6Ghz+
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Available Disk: 100MB

We have not tested or developed for gaming controllers but touchscreens and wireless keyboards will function fine.

While there are buttons for everything in the UI, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts available such as jogging, toggling between jog modes, start/pause programs. More details on this will be available in the FireControl User Guide.

Is there a chance of getting this guide before delivery? I’m not the sharpest knife in the crayon box so I’ll need a bit of extra time.

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When will the software available ? Would love to try it!

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The long waited piece of software ,…

Hopefull with a kinda sheetcam in it =


Anything new on this?

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I have been watching but nothing new i have seen. Last i knew it was mid summerish.

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