Lower left and right rail tubes different lengths

New kid on the block… I’m just trying to assemble my new crossfire pro. I’m having issues installing the left hand Y-axis rail. The bolt holes don’t line up to the stanchion plate. Through a process of elimination, I’ve discovered that the left hand frame member (LH lower rail tube) is just shorter than the right hand frame member (RH lower rail tube) by just almost a quarter inch which is about the same as the holes are off on the Y-axis left hand rail.

Could someone with as crossfire pro measure the length of their right hand lower rail and left hand lower rail and tell me if they are the same? Mine are 51&1/2" and 51&1/4" respectively.



Both of mine measure 51 1/2".

Also, welcome to the forum. -Steve

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I have the same problem. They are mailing me another lower tube. It’s unfortunate because I spent a lot of time putting it all together and trying to figure out why it wasn’t lining up. This is actually for a business I am starting so it’s costing me time which is costing me money. I wish the company would do something when they make a mistake like this.

They did they are sending you a new part. Mind if I ask how they should compensate you? Any company producing things such as these will have stuff happen like this.


That you’re deciding to build a kit that your company is immediately depending on is your decision, not theirs. They give you everything you need to build a useful tool, EXCEPT time. That is your own input to the low cost of this product.