CrossFire Pro Frame Misalignment

I am putting together my crossfire Pro table and there is some misalignment issues with the wrong size of cross members. The silver Gantry cross members are 51 and 3/8 in, while the black cross members below those are two different sizes one of them is 51 and 1/2 in the other one is 51 and 1/4 in which is causing major misalignment issues and the staunchion plates are not lining up. I’m trying to get some answers with the tech support, but I’m curious if anybody else has had these issues? This table is for my business so time is money for me and I’m losing time not getting this thing put together. If anybody has any insight or help that would be wonderful. Thank you.

@ShaneCW Another user had this issue, not sure of resolution. (Click link)

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Yes, I had that issue as well. Langmuir didn’t even bat an eye at sending me a new frame rail member. The unfortunate part is, it took me three weeks to receive it, between the flooding in California and the international mail system (I live in Saskatchewan). Yes, it was frustrating, but at this price point for a high tech machine, the email only tech is to be expected. As for compensation, I’m just happy that they responded, resolved my issue within 24 hours. The unfortunate part was the delays caused by the weather and postal system(s).

I still give 5 stars to Langmuir!


I hope Langmuir took this as a learning experience since this is a textbook example of what can happen if you don’t reference all your features from a single datum. If the holes had all beed referenced from the same end they would have been spaced correctly and most users probably wouldn’t have even noticed or cared as long as the machine went together properly.

One thing to think about I am sure most parts are outsourced to other companies. As many machines as ls sell we only see a handful of problems here. I am sure they are others. Consider training new people on a job things like that. There are many ways for mistakes to happen. With the costumer service most get I am sure they stay on top of issues like this