Low profile Jacobs chuck

Wondering if anyone has found a jacobs chuck with a 1/2" shank that they like for this? I know it would eat up some space, but for some projects Im guessing its not going to be a huge deal, and it would be nice to use with my large index of bits.

Jacobs 33 chuck .004-1/2" $122 McMaster Carr
Jacob 33 taper to 1/2 shank $ 28.00 McMaster Carr

Shank is 3" long. It will probably need to be shortened to 2" or so. Its going to take up a lot of real estate.
The spindle rpm may be a huge factor, 3000 rpm max… I would think? This could be dangerous if the spindle speed is way to fast by mistake…

Holding them directly in the ER collets would reduce runout and increase Z clearance.

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