Low cut quality

I’m testing my new CF 2x2 with 1/16” MS and getting horrible results - lots of slag that would be very time consuming to clean up.

I’m using a VIPERCUT 30 HD 30 Amp 115/230 Volt Plasma Cutter VPC30LT12 - running off 115 VAC. Latest settings are 50 IPM, .062 tip height, 25 amps. (I tried various other combinations.) California Air Tool compressor with THB 1/2" Heavy Duty Particulate Filter Moisture Trap Water separator, 60 PSI, 3/8 ID 25 ft hose.

Go faster. Even at 25 amps you should probably be moving at twice that speed.

That filter alone is not sufficient to remove water vapor from the air supply. You need a desiccant dryer or refrigerated dryer.

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I believe most with your plasma cutter use the 30amp and below settings for razorweld…

16ga steel is 30amps @ 120ipm from quick look.

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Something like this?

Or this?

DonP: Thanks for the sheet reference. Can you point me to an explanation of tip sizes and numbers? I don’t know what I have.

The small hole in the tip seems to be 1/32". Am I supposed to use these two cap components or are they only for dragging?

Drag tip. Not needed for CNC cutting.

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Wsidr1: The tip is recessed about .105" so when I thought I was at .062 I was really at .167 ? That would explain a lot.

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Both would be ideal. At minimum, the first one and then the filter that you already have.

so…get rid of the drag tip…reduce the length of hose…
I had a california air compressor…how big of tank is it?
also google the following to read up “cnc plasma dross issues”

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What I use and recommend…

Amazon.com: Tru-Flate 56-081 Dessicant Dryer : Industrial & Scientific

Motor Guard M-60 1/2 NPT Sub-Micronic Compressed Air Filter - Automotive Air Filters - Amazon.com



Per above tips, my cuts are improving and much of the outer edge is fairly clean, but I’m still seeing blobs - in this example on the right edge of the large arc and near the upper left - any tips how to prevent this? I’ve improved my air drying components but still waiting for some items to come in. My best cut is 150 IPM, 0.5 sec pierce, 30A. My outer lead-in is NOT at the blobs.

what gauge of metal?

It’s 1/16" MS

Turn down your amps…20-25 amps

120-150 ipm

that is 16gauge…this stuff…

Is this nozzle in good shape?

Hard to tell from the picture.

is this a retorical question…?

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When you blow it up it does not look very good. Note the color it been hot. It may also be a 45/50 amp tip.


I got a better cut at 30A - I just can’t figure out the cause of the occasional blobs. At first I thought it might be the slats but the blobs did not occur at the slats.

You might want to post your consumable part numbers and get some feedback if they seem correct for your torch. It’s really easy to use wrong combinations and you posting a drag tip makes me scratch my head that we need to start from beginning if you really want to have better cut quality. @TinWhisperer posted pic of your tip which didn’t look good to me but maybe.

  1. I would post all consumables part numbers being used
  2. Put all new ones in after people say those look correct
  3. Then go after amp & speed
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