Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter

I have a Lotos LTP5000D pilot arc start. Need to know if it is compatible with the cross fire system? Thanks, Mike

I doubt that this can be used with the CrossFire. The Lotos website says nothing about the type of start (HF or Blow-back) this has whereas they highlight Blow-back start on the LPT5500D (the Plasma cutter I use), which makes me think that the LTP5000D has HF start and can not be used in a CNC system.
The High Frequency impulse will mess up your electronics (Motion Controller and Computer).

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This is part of email I got from them:

LA:No, the LOTOS LTP5000D will not work with the CrossFire PRO as it is a High Frequency start plasma cutter.

ME:The brown LTP5000D is pilot arc not HF start, why wont it work? The red version is HF start, just Curious, I have no problem splicing into the trigger either.

LA:Even if you have the non-HF start LOTOS LTP5000D, we still don’t trust it for CNC cutting. We have had many reports of a related model, the LOTOS LTP5500D, causing interference issues even though that model is non-HF.

I did find a few things on line referencing RF from the Cheaper Chinese ones causing issues with LA as well as other table controls

Just adding to it :wink:

I believe all modern Plasma cutters are ‘pilot arc’, whether they’re HF Start or Blow-back. The ‘pilot arc’ term, I believe, means that you don’t have to manually touch the electrode to the workpiece to start an arc.

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my understanding was pilot arc can cut expanded metal w/o constantly restarting/touching the metal and non pilot arc can not…or so says the webzz

You can NOT use the Lotos plasma cutter on the crossfire.

Pilot arc has really nothing to do with cutting expanded metal.

To clarify, this is referring to the Lotos LTP5000D, not the Lotos LTP5500D, which can be used on the CrossFire.

Yes the 5500 can be used as its not HF

Good info! As for the expanded metal comment its all over truck and car forums, so took it as good info

Plasma cutters that are not HF has a setting for cutting expended metals. Some has it as continues pilot others has it as a 4T setting.

The Lotos LTP5000D is HF and the pilot arc does not go out. Meaning as long as you hold the trigger the pilot arc will stay on even when cutting.

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The Lotos LTP5000D is a High Frequency plasma cutter and therefore is not compatible with the CrossFire!

Thanks for your comments, I will be shopping for another Plasma cutter. Any remarks about the Hero Cut 55i?

If your going to buy a crossfire table then stick with a plasma cutter that people are using on them. This way you can get help from more people on how to set them up.

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I’ve successfully used the lotus ltp5500D on the crossfire without any issues. It is a blow back pilot arc torch. Some ppl have had issues I know with it, but not myself yet.

I believe an earlier version of the LTP5500 was HF start and wouldn’t have worked for the CrossFire system. As you say, the current version of the LTP5500D, is Blow-back start and works with CrossFire. The CNC version has a handy connector on the back panel to wire in the torch control without opening the unit. The same connector has the Torch control voltage (divided down) which probably is intended for THC, but I personally can’t verify that.

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Almost done setting up my CFP with the 5500D Do you know or can you see which wires go to terminal 1/2 on the connector you have to solder? Hmm, i think i just read it doesn’t matter?

Still happy with the 5500D? Did you buy the THC?

I don’t remember the connector for fire control, but I believe you are correct, polarity should not matter on a contact switch.
I don’t have the Lotus any longer. I got an Everlast 50s on black Friday special 2 years ago. Has been working well with my new THC once I use the live inputs to the THC box. I had trouble trying to use the 50:1 divider output of the 50s into the THC.

The Lotus LTP5500DCNC says “Non-HF Blowback Start, there is no HF interference on your CNC computer.” So what gives?

Welcome to the forum. What gives is that you didn’t read the model number that @langmuir-aksel was referring to. It was NOT the LTP5500DCNC.

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Did you receive the email I sent you last Friday (July 22nd) regarding this? It read:

“The LOTOS LTP5500D is one of the specific plasma cutter models that we do not recommend using with our CNC machines. Interference generated by the power supply of this model has been known to cause issues with CrossFire electronics. Use of this plasma cutter model is not supported by us, and is at your own risk.”

To be clear, you are correct that the LTP5500D does not use high-frequency start - @langmuir-aksel’s comment was referring to the LTP5000D, which does. The incompatibility of the LTP5500D stems from it’s power supply.

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