Loosing arc, first part ever ran on machine

this is my first thing im cutting with the crossfire Pro and its getting frustrating. I have to be missing something easy, got any pointers?

Crossfire Pro with THC
Vipercut 30 set at 20amps, 75psi with .09 nozzle
fusion 360 used for post processes
cutting 20 ga steel
ground clamp attached to the 20 sheet

im trying to cut a basic 2.5" x 3.5" rectangle with 4 small holes inside. When i start the program it cuts the first hole then moves to next hole and it does not arc back up to cut second hole. Then the program stops with an error.

another tidbit of info. I was curious about the vipercut 30 (not the I version) and disconnected it from the THC and turned off the crossfire pro and computer. I tried to make cuts on the same metal by hand. When i made a cut then let off trigger the air still flowed then i tried to pull the trigger again the machine would not arc until i let off the trigger and the airflow stopped. This sounds like my machine wont restart the arc without the airflow stopped. Now i have had the Vipercut for 5 years or so in my garage cutting metal, i guess i have never had to cut like the Crossfire Pro requires for me to notice this issue.

does the plasma machine have a 2T4T setting?..switch it…

yes, its set to 2T

Air pressure is way to high for 20 amps and a 0.9mm tip is rated for 40 amps. You should be using a 0.65mm/20 amp tip or even a 0.8mm/30 amp tip at 60 psi.

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ive called around and even looked online for .65mm cups and have come up with nothing. Got any resources for consumables? Best i could find is a .8mm and ill pick those up today.

Why yes I do I carry all the consumables for the S45 style torch.
www.georgesplasmacuttershop.com and The Plasma Cutter Shop | eBay Stores

thanks, i found some 8mm in town and just ordered your 6mm. hope this works

no luck with the .8mm/30amp tip at 60psi

When was the last time you changed the retaining cup? Have you changed torch’s? When did you change the swirl ring last?

all new parts even swapped to a brand new torch with cable i ordered to use the machine separate of the table. Has to be the machine. Like i said earlier when disconnected from the crossfire pro and using it by hand i can cut, let off trigger and then immediately pull trigger and i get no arc. It will only arc after i let off trigger and the airflow stops.

Go to my web site get my number and call me right now.

i appreciate the offer got dinner on stove and wife not in good mood today. ill try tomorrow

OK, after 9am eastern time.