Looking to use MR-1 in Illinois

Hello, I am looking to see if anyone Owns a MR-1 in Illinois that would be willing to let me see their machine in action? I own a small business Lucky Guard. (www.luckyguard.us) . I am looking to invest into a CNC machine, the MR-1 Looks amazing. I was looking to see the machine in person, and to cut a single part to see how well the machine works. I can provide material, cutters, and a CNC Program. I am making a .375 x 1.5 x 2.0 inch Poker Guard Protector in 316 Stainless Steel. I would like to Face Mill, Contour the profile with an endmill, use a radius cutter on the edges, and engrave a design into a single part. If you are into Poker I would happily let you keep the Poker Card Protector that we demo/make. If anyone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it!