Looking for successful Aluminum cuts from .25 -. 375

Has anyone had any success cutting .25 thick aluminum or .375 if so at what settings…Amp, speed, PSI, and torch tip.?

Thank you.

what plasma are you running? every plasma cutter brand will cut different.

Primeweld Cut60

Have you tried the settings in the book? I know there are some guys that have done some aluminum cutting with the PW Cut 60. I have seen some pics of aluminum projects @Cletus has done. I have a ski rack for our snowmobile we use for ski patrol that I am currently designing that I would like to make out of aluminum. Interested to see how your cuts come out. I would like to use 3/16" or 1/4" aluminum for the body of the rack.

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Hi there and Happy New Year all!!
I mostly cut 16g aluminum, thickest I’ve cut is 3/16" with the CUT60
16G is like 28A,150 IPM, 250mS pierce delay.
3/16" is like 45A, 70 IPM, 500mS pierce delay.
Hope this helps


Thank you for the information, that’s a good start.

I tried using the Primeweld settings but with no luck on .25 or thicker.

When I use my hypertherm to cut quarter inch aluminum I’ll always use 65 amp consumables at 65 amps.

And half inch I’ll jump up to my 85 amp consumables at 85 amps.

With the prime weld it’s tough because even at 60 amps it’s still not putting out the same cutting energy as a hypertherm running at 60 amps.

I try to run as high amperages as I can while cutting aluminum I find it gives less bevel to the cut.