Looking for long flute end mill

I have a job that requires deep pockets in aluminum. The Langmuir end mills have worked great, but I need longer flutes for the pockets needing cut. Any recommendation on where to buy?

At the lower end, people around here tend to recommend Lakeshore Carbide. You could also try searching Shars or MSC for cheapo carbide endmills. If you need something more specialized, Harvey Tool definitely has it.

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Thanks!! I do want the higher end stuff

Lakeshore carbide. Excellent high quality and super fast shipping. Highly recomended.

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Higher end tools I can recommend would be Harvey and Garant (Hoffmann Group). Both are extremely high quality, and have dizzyingly large catalogues with any combo of coating and dimensions you could imagine.

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In my experience Lakeshore is fine for most everything. When I get into odd tools or something out of the ordinary I reach for Harvey, Guhring, Niagara, Sandvik or SGS. Some of those options are pretty darn expensive, but each company has it’s specialties.