Longevity operating info

Since we have and unknown timeline on the shipping of the Razorweld 45, I’ve requested a refund and am now looking at a Longevity 62I. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of this machine and it’s operation?

They are way over priced and really don’t stand behind there warranty. Go with the Everlast 52i or 62i you will be a lot better off.


George is the resident expert here on Plasma machines…
I have a 62i and I really like it…just read up on the CNC connections for RAW power over divided power .

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I had a longevity forcecut40d. It was overpriced for what you got. It also way under delivered on cut quality. The power switch failed within the first week. The torch was needed cleaned up to make it useable. I had to take apart the blowback mechanism and sand off burs so it would operate smoothly. I would not recommend