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Hello hello, recently purchased my crossfire pro after saving for a long time and reading lots about it.
I also purchased an Everlast Powerplasma 82i cnc package ( which I have already soldered the pins for the THC voltage output and start/stop triggers.
For anyone thinking about and everlast cnc model, pins 1 & 2 are the start / stop trigger. 4 and 6 are for the torch height controller ( red to 4 black to 6 )

Had some damage in shipping to one of the Y-Axis rails, which they were quick to create a tracking number to replace the damaged part. Certainly nothing they caused in my opinion, more FEDEX not being careful.

I did have another issue and wanted to post to possibly help anyone else who may have the issue.
On the 4th section of the assembly instructions, “Gantry & Z-Axis”

The X axis rail that the bearing retainer and motor mount to has two different hole patterns ( and shapes ) they are not the same as the other bearing / motor mounts.

I thought I had an issue, when the motor mount holes didnt line up on the rail, however the real issue was that the wrong motor mount was packaged with the torch mount and other parts in this section of the build. I dug out the Y axis motor mounts and bearing holders and behold one was different than the others, the bolt pattern is different than the other two motor mounts and the shape is a bit different.

This is also when I noticed that the bearing mounts were also different as the one that was included with the torch mount was also the incorrect one!

Simple mix up of the parts in the bags ( was only unbagging as I went along ) probably my mistake, but still wanted to post about it.

Hope this helps anyone searching over a similar issue.





Welcome to the forum! Thank you for becoming involved.

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Thanks! will post updates once the last parts arrive and I can continue assembly.

I did the same thing. The directions that I did not read very closely clearly explain the differences in the tubes and the bearing blocks.

I paid for my impatience and took it apart to put it back together correctly.

Welcome to the club.